10 Simple Habits That Could Help You Live To 100

Dr. Oz reveals the 10 simple habits to keep you healthy enough to live to 100 – or beyond.

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It was not too long ago that living to 100 was considered a nearly impossible feat. Yet with more and more advancements in medicine and modern life, reaching 100 is not as far out of reach as we once thought. To make sure that your journey to 100 is one you can be healthy enough to enjoy, Dr. Oz has put together his favorite 10 simple habits that you can add to your everyday routine.

Add Red Foods to Your Diet

Not only will adding red foods to your diet make your plate more colorful and aesthetically pleasing, it can also help keep you healthy enough to live to 100! Cruciferous veggies like red cabbage are known to help protect against cancer, while beet juice contains nitrates that relax blood vessels.

Drink Like a Brit – Have One Cup of Black Tea per Day
Oh how the British love their afternoon tea! This common British practice may actually be helping Queen Elizabeth stay healthy in her old age. Research shows that 1 cup of black tea a day can boost survival rate following a heart attack by 28%. So drink up!

Dial One Phone Number from Memory Every Day
Whether you own a smart phone or a regular “old fashioned” cell phone, these everyday devices have made the habit of memorizing phone numbers a thing of the past. While the convenience of programmed phone numbers can be quite handy, it’s not doing much of a favor to your brain. A simple way to keep your mind alert and active is to dial at least one memorized phone number a day. This will help you practice your brain’s chunking ability, the ability to group information together into “chunks,” helping to keep your memory function strong.