10 Surprising Ways You’re Working Out Every Day

Find out how you’re burning calories without even stepping foot in the gym.

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Spring Cleaning: Broom Workout (5:53)

Life is hectic, so it can be hard to sneak in a workout. Luckily, you’re burning calories just by doing regular activities like sweeping, gardening and washing dishes. “The average person burns about 1,600 calories a day just by doing daily activities,” says Elizabeth Kevil, DPT a Physical Therapist and Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist at Sky Ridge Medical Center in Lone Tree, Colorado.

Here are 10 ways you’re working out during the day, the calories burned and how to spice up everyday activities, so you can burn even more. Each activity is based on a 150-pound woman doing the activity for an hour.

1. Mowing the Lawn

It’s no surprise pushing a heavy mower around the yard is a real workout. And if you have slopes or hills in your yard, you’ll really feel the burn.

Plus, you’ll get some fresh air and Vitamin D while you’re at it — just make sure to wear your sunscreen.

Calories burned: 269

2.  Snow Shoveling

Snow shoveling in the wee hours of the morning is the last thing you probably want to do after the alarm clock goes off, but to get out of the driveway, you have to do it. 

“For those of us that live in winter climates, snow shoveling burns lots of calories,” says Kevil. You’ll be happy to know you can consider it your morning workout. All that lifting will tone up your arms, too.

It’s important to shovel safely, though. Try to avoid extra bending and twisting at the waist, be sure to lift with your legs and be careful that you’re not lifting more than you can handle — wet snow can be heavy. And take a break if you’re feeling dizzy or have trouble breathing.

Calories burned: 304

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3.  Mopping and Sweeping

Like snow shoveling, the constant back and forth motion of mopping and sweeping can help you burn some major calories. Not to mention, your house is going to be spick and span afterwards!

Try turning on some of your favorite tunes and dancing to the beat — the amount of calories you will burn will soar.

Calories burned: 170

4. Gardening and Yard Work

If you have a green thumb, you’re in luck. “Gardening, being outside, carrying leaves, raking, pulling weeds, shoveling, digging, or carrying mulch will all help you burn calories,” says Kevil.

Try pulling weeds as fast as you can for a few minutes; instead of moseying while you’re carrying the leaves, walk at a brisker pace, says Kevil. “Raking at a faster rate will definitely get your heart rate up and give you a better workout,” says Kevil.

Calories burned: 196

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5. Grocery Shopping

Whether you love it or hate it, grocery shopping is inevitable. Keep things interesting by making it a workout and pushing your cart more briskly. “Walking quickly through the store will increase your heart rate as well as your metabolism.”

You can also try parking the car further away from the grocery store, so you have to walk a further distance when pushing your cart, says Kevil. Make extra trips around the aisles and bag your own groceries, too.

Calories burned: 190

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