28-Day High School Reunion Weight-Loss Plan

Does the thought of your impending high school reunion send you into a tizzy? Dr. Oz’s 28-day plan will help you shed the pounds that have crept up over the years so you can confidently put your best self forward – and maybe even squeeze back into that old prom dress.

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It’s typical to gain one pound per year. This may not sound like a lot of weight, but multiply that figure by a couple of decades and by the time you’re ready for your 25th high school reunion, you may be 25 pounds heavier than you were on graduation day.

But don’t rip up that invitation. Dr. Oz’s 28-Day High School Reunion Weight-Loss Plan can help drop the weight so you can confidently face your old classmates and attend what many consider a happy, milestone event.

Here’s a plan that’s so easy to follow it’s impossible to flunk!

Week 1: Chemistry

This week, eliminate all added sugars. These substances actually act the same way as drugs do on your brain by making you crave more of them. Be sure to read packaged food labels and look for hidden sugars such as corn syrup and those ending in O-S-E, such as dextrose, fructose and sucrose.

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