28-Day Holistic Health Overhaul

Holistic health may sound like it comes with Hollywood-level maintenance and costs, but this 28-day plan is practical for anyone looking to find a more harmonious relationship with their body.

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This 28-day plan, rooted in alternative health practices and ancient medical systems like ayurveda, may be the key to energizing your life, and finding yourself less stressed out and more in control over the way you feel.

Week 1: Detox and Diet

The health of your stomach weighs on the health of your entire body. Health starts in your digestive system. Here is where nutrients are absorbed and toxins are expelled. It’s not always easy to know what’s going on inside your digestive tract, but looking at your tongue may be a good first-level warning system. A white or yellow film on your tongue indicates toxins in the stomach.


Get Rid of Toxins

  • Toss the junk. Detox your pantry so that you can detox your body. From snack foods to frozen dinners, make sure they find their way to the trash can. Click here for a list of the foods Dr. Oz wants out of your kitchen.
  • Start each day by drinking a glass of warm water; this helps digestive juices of the stomach gain strength and eliminate waste from the body.
  • Eat only whole foods like whole grains, fruits, seeds, nuts, veggies and organic dairy. Say no to processed foods.
  • Ditch the leftovers. Foods lose nutrients over time; heating and reheating food also affects the quality of your food. Only eat food while it’s fresh.
  • Drink chamomile to reduce cravings. A study showed the chamomile even helped smokers that were trying to quit.