28-Day Holistic Health Overhaul

Holistic health may sound like it comes with Hollywood-level maintenance and costs, but this 28-day plan is practical for anyone looking to find a more harmonious relationship with their body.

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Week 4: Fight Pain

If the source of you pain is unclear – think about this: Leaving undigested food in the stomach creates stiffness in the body and may add to pain throughout the day.

  • Do not eat at least 4 hours before bed.
  • Ginger relieves indigestion, strengthens digestion during meals, relieves respiratory problems, reduces coughs and alleviates allergies. Use ginger powder and lemon juice to make a paste; apply it to the forehead to relieve headaches. Use a paste of ginger and water to relieve joint pain.
  • Tulsi tea, a staple of the ancient practice of ayurveda, helps respiratory problems by helping to clean the lungs, and may improve the immune system.
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