300 Men Want to Know

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Dr. Oz is here…but today there's a twist! For the first time in the history of The Oprah Show, Oprah will not be hosting.

Since so many men are afraid to go to the doctor, and embarrassed to ask health questions in front of the women in their lives, Dr. Oz is conducting a private forum for the 330 men in the audience—even the crew is made up entirely of men. So where are the women headed? The women who accompanied their husbands are upstairs in a screening room with Oprah!

"This is a no-embarrassment zone, there's no topic that's off limits, there's no question I won't answer," Dr. Oz tells the men. "I want you to keep one memory in the back of your mind. There are three times more widows than widowers. Now why is that? Because when we're little boys and we scrape our knee, we're told to suck it in and not talk about it. We need to change that culture because there's a lot we can do for men's health."