The 4-Week Plan to Break Supplement Addiction

Stop relying on supplements to boost your energy and immune system and power up through your diet.

Posted on | By Dr. Mike Dow
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Dr. Oz Discusses Supplement Addiction (2:45)

Addicted to Supplements?

In moderation, vitamins, herbs and supplements can offer powerful health benefits. But it’s possible to have too much of a good thing. If you’re taking too many supplements, follow these simple steps to adjust your supplement intake to a healthy level.

How many supplements or vitamins should I be taking?

Stay on any supplements or vitamins recommended by a health care professional for any conditions you may have. And, stay on up to about three extra supplements or vitamins which often includes a multivitamin and an omega-3.  Any supplements or vitamins above and beyond that are your excess vitamins or supplements.

Week 1: Reduce your excess vitamins or supplements by 25%.

Week 2: Reduce your excess vitamins or supplements by 50%.

Week 3: Reduce your excess vitamins or supplements by 75%.

Week 4: No more excess vitamins or supplements.

Article written by Dr. Mike Dow