The 5-Day Full-Body Recharge Plan

Do you feel as if your whole body has lost its pep? Dr. Oz’s 5-day plan will recharge the 5 areas that bother you most so you’ll be firing on all cylinders again.

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Day 3: Spark Up Your Sex Life

A diminished sex drive is a common complaint, especially for women who are simply too exhausted at the end of the day to get in the mood. To spark up your sex life, you need to know about the foods that act as aphrodisiacs and can help light your fire, as well as those foods shown to extinguish it.

Foods That Hurt Your Sex Life


Soybeans: Soy foods such as edamame contain phytoestrogens that disrupt the balance of testosterone and estrogen. Based on dietary guidelines, eating more than 25 grams of soy per day is not recommended.

  • 2 cups of soybeans = 25 grams of soy isoflavones
  • 12 cups of soy milk = 25 grams of soy isoflavones

Coffee: Too much coffee spikes stress hormones such as cortisol, which puts you in fight or flight mode, making it difficult to relax and thus lowering your libido. Avoid drinking coffee before you’re planning on cozying up to your partner. While coffee may not help set the mood right, it has other protective and disease-fighting properties. Click here to learn more about what your cup of joe can do for you.

Sauerkraut: Regular sauerkraut contains almost 1000 mg of salt per cup, 40% of what is recommended for the whole day. Too much salt causes hypertension, which constricts blood vessels and reduces libido. Before eating sauerkraut, rinse it with water to get rid of excess salt. Click here to find out which common foods are surprise sources of hidden salt.

Foods That Help Your Sex Life

Pears: This fruit contains boron, a mineral which stimulates the production of sex hormones.

Watermelon: High in the amino acid cetrulline, watermelon improves blood flow to the genitalia.

Garlic: This pungent herbaceous plant contains the amino acid allicin, an ingredient that increases blood flow to the sex organs.

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