5 Diet Disasters and 5 Food Solutions

Fat-free foods, frozen diet meals, food scales – throw them all away! Weight-loss expert Dr. Joel Fuhrman believes the key to weight loss is learning to identify when you’re truly hungry. The first step? Forget everything you think you know about dieting! See the epic diet disasters you’re making, discover the signs of true hunger and learn what to eat in order to finally achieve your weight-loss goals.

Posted on | By Dr. Joel Fuhrman

Identifying True Hunger

The secret to breaking this cycle is to learn to differentiate toxic hunger from true hunger, when your body is ready to eat again. True hunger demands the types of foods you need for optimum health. Eating when you’re only truly hungry allows you to enjoy food and realize the best amount of calories for your body. Once you’ve mastered true hunger, you’ll be able to listen to your body to know the exact amount of food you should eat. Learn to recognize the signs of true hunger to help you lose weight and keep it off for good!


3 Signs of True Hunger


1. Sensations in the Throat and Chest  

Contrary to popular belief, you don’t sense hunger in your stomach. Dr. Fuhrman says that genuine discomfort from hunger is felt in your throat and chest. Discomfort starts in the back of your throat where you swallow then travels to the top of neck. It moves under your chin, down in front of your neck, and finally all the way down to your breastbone. These areas directly signal to your brain that your body is ready for food.


2. Enhanced Taste

The more toxic, artificial foods you eat, the more you over-stimulate, desensitize and ultimately deaden your taste buds. Eventually, toxic hunger causes you to stop tasting the full flavors of foods. Your taste buds will only react to your favorite high-sugar, high-fat foods, and you’ll require more foods to feel satisfied. But after you cut out these processed foods and only eat when you’re truly hungry, the taste receptors on your tongue will become more sensitive. Ordinary foods will taste even better than expected, and you’ll instinctually know how much to eat to feel full without cravings.

3. Increased Salivation

When you’re truly hungry, your digestive glands and enzymes get ready to digest and your mouth begins to water. This is a natural sign that you’re ready to eat!

Article written by Dr. Joel Fuhrman