Your 5 Most Common Recurring Dreams

Learn what your dreams mean and why the same ones keep happening to you.

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Stress Dreams Decoded, Pt 1 (3:10)

Every single night when the warm blanket of sleep envelopes our bodies, we each leave the outer world behind and fall into our own inner world. Sometimes it’s a world of talking animals, sometimes it’s a world of monsters and hungry zombies, and sometimes it’s a world where we are rubbing elbows with celebrities. Whatever world you find yourself in at night is a world that is uniquely your own … most of the time!

While it is true that our dreams are our very own individual and unique creations, there are a handful of dreams that we ALL find ourselves in from time to time, and again and again. In fact, there are 5 dreams that are so common among us all that they get reported to me on a daily basis. Let’s explore what these common dreams are, what they mean, why they keep happening, and what we can learn from them.

Teeth Falling Out

This dream actually has nothing to do with your oral hygiene at all. Body parts in dreams are more about the emotional and psychological parts of your personality than the actual physical parts of you. That being said, your teeth or any part of your mouth, to your dreaming mind, is actually about the part of you that communicates. When your teeth fall out in a dream, it usually means that, in waking life, you’ve allowed something out of your mouth that should have remained in there permanently.

If this is a common dream for you, you need to ask yourself what you have recently let slip out of your mouth that you shouldn’t have. Did you gossip? Did you not tell the truth about something or someone? Did you divulge too much information? Did you say something to someone that you later realized was hurtful? What did you say without thinking about it first?

The Lesson: Your dreams are trying to show you that you must be careful about what comes out of your mouth because once it is out, like a tooth, you can’t put it back in. Paying attention to your teeth dreams helps you to monitor and improve the way you communicate.