7-Day Pain Prescription

Over 116 million Americans suffer from chronic pain – which adds up to more people than those suffering from diabetes, heart disease and cancer combined. To alleviate your major aches and pains – from sore necks to backaches – follow Dr. Oz’s 7-day ache-fighting plan.

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It’s your number-one health complaint: pain. Four out of 5 Americans will report back pain at some point in their lives, and pain accounts for more than 20% of all doctor’s visits in the United States. Painkiller abuse and addiction are an epidemic in this country. Before you reach for another pill, try Dr. Oz’s 7-Day Plan to Fight Pain, which does not require any prescription medication. Instead, this approach tackles pain layer by layer, covering your muscles, nerves and skeletal system. You’ll find relief for common pain areas including your head, neck, back, knees and feet.

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7 Days, 7 Solutions to Pain

Dr. Oz’s 7-Day Plan to Fight Pain


Day 1: Muscle Pain in Your Back

The first body system most responsible for pain is your muscular system. Muscles are very simple mechanisms that work like an extendable ladder. When you want them to open, they open. When you want them to contract, which you do during weightlifting, walking or anything else active, they contract. Minerals prevent muscles from latching up and having spasms.

Solution for Muscle Spasms: To ensure you’re getting enough minerals, take a muscle “pain power pill” that combines potassium, calcium and magnesium every day:

  • 600mg calcium
  • 400mg magnesium
  • 200mg potassium

Day 2: Muscle Pain in Your Neck

Your muscles are also responsible for neck pain. Referred to by Dr. Oz as the 3 P’s, there are three common reasons for muscles spasms that cause neck pain:

1St P: A heavy purse can pull your muscles out of whack. To avoid neck pain, make sure your purse weighs no more than 3-5 pounds.

2nd P: Pressure from daily stress makes muscles tight and more likely to spasm. One of the most popular places you hold tension is in your neck, as well as your jaw and lower back. 

3rd P: Poor posture can misalign the muscles in your spine and cause spasms. So stand up tall as if a string is pulling you up from the top of your head.

Solution for Neck Pain: One of the best ways to relieve neck pain is to practice good sleep habits. Your head should not tilt up or down while you sleep since this posture misaligns the muscles in your spine. Try using a sleep posture pillow, with a depression in its center so that your neck is relaxed rather than angled upward.