Action Plan: Recharge Your Body From the Inside Out

Dr. Oz has a plan to help you feel more satisfied about the way you feel and the way you look. Unlock the diet and beauty secrets that will help you glow and stay on-the-go.

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Recharge your body from the inside out with simple modifications that will help you shed those stubborn pounds, rev your body’s energy engine, cope with stress, and get that youthful glow back.

Internal Recharge Plan

Step 1: Rule of Three
If you feel like you’re making all the right decisions when it comes to your diet, but you have yet to  see any results, you may want to rethink your strategy. This is where the Rule of Three comes into play. Eat small meals every 3 hours, and focus on consuming 3 nutrients, including 1 serving of protein, 1 serving of carbohydrates and 1 serving of healthy fat, as well as unlimited vegetables. The beauty of the Rule of Three is that you get to choose - it’s not about one heaping portion of the same dish. Instead, it’s all about variety.

Recharging small meal ideas:

  • Puréed broccoli soup (go for the pure vegetable variety and avoid cream-based soups)
  • Teff bread (made of an Ethiopian ancient grain) topped with sprouted almond butter, which provides both healthy fats and protein
  • A serving of adzuki beans, high in fiber and excellent for the digestive system
  • For some fat, try a few slices of avocado or cheese
  • A glass of beet juice is an antioxidant-rich source of carbohydrates