“Adapt or Die": Easing Chronic Stress Naturally

By Holly Lucille ND, RNLicensed Naturopathic Doctor

Posted on | By Holly Lucille ND, RN

When it comes to dealing with chronic stress, there are those who explode, those who simmer and stew in it, and those who simply swallow it. 

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Shut Down Your Stress!

If you see yourself as one of these types, which ever one it might be, the sad news is that you are not alone. A national survey, released a few years ago, by the American Psychological Association found that one-third of Americans are living with extreme stress and nearly half reported their stress levels had increased within the past 5 years.

This chronic state of stress is causing a myriad of health issues that we don’t realize. The stress hormones elicited during the time of a stressful event are meant to be protective; however, when they are overproduced due to chronic stress, the same hormones can promote cellular damage and accelerate detrimental changes in the body that lead to conditions like persistent fatigue, bone mineral loss, inflammation, hormone imbalances, brain fog, and obesity. 

No matter how you experience stress, it is imperative to do something to help ease the damage that chronic stress can cause! Adaptogens to the rescue! Adaptogens are a class of plant medicines that have the ability to help stabilize the “hypothalamus-pituitary-adrenal axis” and assist you while you are enduring the multitude of stressors in your daily life. Stated more simply, adaptogens help the body fight stress by reducing the production of stress hormones that result in the fight-or-flight response. Adaptogens increase the body’s natural resistance to stress.

The following are adaptogens you can try today:

Siberian Stress Buster

One of my favorite herbs to help people thrive despite stress is eleuthero (Eleutherococcus senticosus), formerly called "Siberian ginseng," though it is not in the ginseng family.  Eleuthero has been found to help reduce the physical responses to stress – those "pit of your stomach" feelings that make challenging days even worse.

Article written by Holly Lucille ND, RN
Licensed Naturopathic Doctor