Age-Defying Nutrition Secrets

By Rovenia Brock, PhD

Posted on | By Rovenia "Dr. Ro" Brock

Let’s face it, age, as the expression goes “Ain’t nothin’ but a number.” I believe the process of aging occurs from the neck up. That means it manifests on your face and body, according to the way you think and see yourself in the world. If you wear your stress on your face, it may make you appear older than your chronological age. The result shows up as wrinkles, deep crevices, worry lines, and more.

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Defy Your Age!

If you allow life to beat you up and put frowns, rather than smiles, on your beautiful face, day in and day out, guess what? You start to look, well, uh, less than youthful – anything but cheery and certainly not open to life’s possibilities. All this is to say, if you see yourself as “old,” others will follow you – straight to the rocking chair on the porch! But the good news is you can change that today! Here are a few tips to get your youthful, sexy, swagger back.

Maintain a Healthy Weight With Fiber

Adding pounds to your frame, no matter what size, adds years to your looks and, worse yet, subtracts years from your life. The good news is, you can consume 30% fewer calories by adding just 14 grams of fiber a day to your diet. Eat more colorful fresh fruits and veggies, and try these high-fiber grains:

  • Shiritaki noodles are super-tasty and made from the Japanese konjack root. They contain the highest form of soluble fiber of any food and keep you full longer so you eat fewer calories; the soluble fiber also protects your heart. Find them at Asian food markets and health food stores.
  • Cellophane noodles (glass noodles) are translucent and gluten-free. These noodles are chockfull of selenium, a mineral that keeps anxiety at bay (so no frown lines), and boost your mood due to their folic acid content. Try them in soups, stir fry dishes and salads.
  • Kelp noodles, which naturally detoxify the body due to their alginic acid, remove toxic metals. As an added benefit, they boost your metabolism. Kelp is also high in the mineral iodine, which boosts energy.

Article written by Rovenia "Dr. Ro" Brock
Nutritionist and Author, Dr. Ro's Ten Secrets to Livin' Healthy