Ageless Beauty: Looking Your Most Beautiful After 40

By celebrity makeup artist and beauty expert Cynde Watson

Posted on | By Cynde Watson

Aging gracefully is easier said than done. When we reach 40 and beyond, we suddenly don’t see the skin, eyes, lips or teeth that we are used to seeing. We lose hair where we need it and find it popping up where we don’t want it. It can be shocking.

The key to looking your most beautiful after 40 is taking care of yourself from the inside out. It’s not about looking like you’re in your ‘20s; it’s about prevention and maintenance. Embrace your age, define your signature look, and incorporate my solutions to the most popular beauty and makeup concerns to begin the journey to prevent and reverse the signs of aging.

Your Biggest Beauty Mistakes and Concerns


#1 Beauty Concern for Women Over 40 - Change in skin texture: sagging and wrinkles; dull and discolored skin; unwanted face and body hair; darker, stained teeth


#1 Beauty Mistake Made by Women Over 40 - Not embracing your age. Trying to be forever young to fit into what society defines “hot, sexy and beautiful.”


#1 Makeup Concern for Women Over 40 - Selecting the perfect foundation for your skin tone and finding the right long-wear formula.

 #1 Makeup Mistake Made by Women Over 40 - Wearing too much makeup, which can settle into fine lines and wrinkles. When we start to age, our skin dulls so it can balance with our graying hair, so women wear too much makeup trying to bring that color back. Over-40 women should keep makeup simple, sheer and luminous. Concentrate on one feature and play it up!

Article written by Cynde Watson
Celebrity makeup artist and beauty exper