Ageless Beauty: Looking Your Most Beautiful After 40

By celebrity makeup artist and beauty expert Cynde Watson

Posted on | By Cynde Watson

Maturing Complexion and Makeup


Select a foundation that provides long-lasting luminous coverage, sun protection, and that is formulated with anti-aging/firming ingredients. The result will be the appearance of smooth, younger looking skin.


Makeup Finishing Spray

After applying your foundation or complete makeup, it’s important to seal your makeup with an anti-aging makeup finishing spray. It’s a setting spray that keeps your makeup surface dewy and glowing for hours, and it’s a great complement to any anti-aging routine. A blend of moisturizers, along with a unique heat-control technology keeps makeup from drying out or settling into fine lines and pores. The final look is luminous and very natural.

Maturing Eyes and Lashes

Loose Lash Extension Fibers (Like False Eyelashes in a Bottle)

As you age, eyes begin to appear droopy, tired and puffy with visible fine lines (crow’s feet). Eyelashes start to lose color, length and fullness. An easy way for women over 40 to give their eyes definition and a lift is by using a lengthening/volumizing mascara with lash extension fibers to give the eyes an extra boost. Fibers give you the appearance of the longest lashes possible without actually applying false eyelashes or enduring the cost of lash extensions. It’s easy to remove with your regular eye makeup remover. Just apply in between coats of mascara.  Should a few fibers fall onto the skin, just brush away lightly with a powder brush or cotton swab. The fibers are not wet, so they will not stick to or ruin your makeup.


Unwanted Hair Concerns

At-Home Long-term Hair Removal System With LHE (Light & Heat Energy) Technology

Facial hair, along with hair popping up all over the body, is a huge concern for women over 40. Why waste money on laser treatments and time waxing, tweezing and shaving when you can treat your facial and body hair at home? LHE Technology (Light & Heat Energy) is a safe and effective non-invasive, non-abrasive treatment.  It’s used for a wide variety of applications: psoriasis care; acne clearance; skin tightening; skin rejuvenation; wrinkle reduction; collagen renewal; vascular and pigmented lesion treatments; and hair removal. Unlike laser treatments, women with very fair skin and very dark skin can use this treatment successfully.

Article written by Cynde Watson
Celebrity makeup artist and beauty exper