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Bonito peptides provide safe, effective and natural blood pressure support for individuals with pre-hypertension (systolic blood pressure: 120-139 mm Hg; diastolic blood pressure: 80-89 mm Hg) or Stage I hypertension (systolic blood pressure: 140-159 mm Hg; diastolic blood pressure: 90-99 mm Hg). In fact, there are already three human clinical trials that have been successfully conducted using bonito peptides in subjects with borderline or mild hypertension. In a recent study, researchers used an optimized bonito peptide mixture of 1.5 grams daily.

Clinical trial research suggests that bonito peptides are approximately 64% effective in reducing blood pressure in borderline and mildly hypertensive subjects. In these short-term clinical trials, no adverse side effects were reported, suggesting that bonito peptides have an excellent safety profile.

If you are experiencing mild to moderate high blood pressure, talk to your family doctor about bonito peptides along with lifestyle modification to see if this type of natural approach may be right for you.