Ancient Skin Secrets

By Shalini Vadhera Author of Passport to Beauty

Posted on | By Shalini Vadhera

My love for travel began at an early age. I was always so enchanted by the women I would meet from so many exotic countries. How was it that Indian women had traffic-stopping shiny hair? Or Chinese women never seemed to age? And Brazilian women? Their bronzed skin is beyond radiant. I had to know how and why! I found that most of their beauty secrets had been passed down for centuries.  

I got so excited about this treasure chest of tips, I wrote a book called Passport to Beauty, for which I traveled the world searching for the best beauty secrets. Here are my favorite ancient skin secrets for gorgeous skin.

You Glow, Girl!

No one should have a more visible glow than a blushing bride. Indian women make their skin radiant on their special day with a traditional mixture of chickpea flour (absorbs oil), turmeric (a great anti-inflammatory and antiseptic), and almond oil (talk about moisture!). Their face and bodies are instantly exfoliated, softened and brightened. 

Indian Bridal Glow Mask

  • 1 cup chickpea flour
  • 3 tablespoons of turmeric (powdered form)
  • Almond oil (enough to form a paste)

Mix into a paste. Apply to the face and body, and let sit for a few minutes. Remove by rubbing the mixture off with your hands. This motion will add to the exfoliation process and also helps with the removal of fine facial hair, better known as pesky peach fuzz. Wash the rest of the mixture off and enjoy fabulous baby soft skin! I personally use this mask once a week.

A Veggie a Day Keeps Dryness Away

I used to work with the most beautiful makeup artist named Jacqueline. Noticing her stunning skin and sing-song accent, I was immediately taken and went on the hunt for her beauty secrets. After discovering that Jacqueline was from Zimbabwe, I had her give me the dish on the beauty secrets from her homeland.

Article written by Shalini Vadhera
Author of Passport to Beauty