Anti-Aging Game Changers

By Brenda Powell, MD Center for Integrative Medicine The Wellness Institute, Cleveland Clinic

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To practice dry brushing, purchase a soft natural bristle brush. Begin at the sole of the feet and brush in a gentle circular motion up the legs toward the heart. Then brush from the hands up the arms to the chest, around the back to the front and again toward the heart. This can be wonderfully stimulating, so do it in the morning to start the day. Dry brush 2-3 times a week before showering to promote youthful skin and the anti-aging effects of detoxing the body.

You can use these anti-aging supplements and techniques every day. Because they are natural, you actually get side benefits rather than side effects: Royal jelly not only prevents aging of the skin, but can lower your cholesterol. Broccoli sprouts add flavor to your food and are a nutritious way to prevent cancer. Grape seed extract lowers blood pressure, protecting your vital organs and is also an antioxidant; both prevent aging. Dry brushing is stimulating to the skin and helps the body rid itself of aging toxins. Every day and every meal is an opportunity to be healthier and feel younger.