The Anti-Ovarian Cancer Diet

By William W. Li, MD President, The Angiogenesis Foundation

Posted on | By William W. Li, M.D.

Ovarian cancer strikes women of all ages, and it’s a silent killer. Although ovarian cancer is responsible for only 3% of all female cancers, this year alone, 21,880 women will receive the diagnosis and it will cause more than 13,850 deaths. That’s a big number, any way you look at it. 

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Stop the Silent Killer

The threat of ovarian cancer is hard to beat because the biggest risk factors are your genetics, your family history, and if you’ve never had children – things you really can’t change. So, what can you do to lower the risk? It turns out that what you eat can make a difference.

Food Fight

Experts believe that one-third of all cancers can be prevented by what you eat. For decades, public health researchers around the world have been studying how certain foods lower the risk of different cancers. What has emerged is good evidence that specific foods are associated with a lower risk for ovarian cancer. This means that the War on Cancer can also be a food fight. And that’s a battle that you can win in your own kitchen.

Here are four foods known to be protective against ovarian cancer.


Endive is a salad vegetable. The kind Dr. Oz and I spoke about is the Belgian endive, which is shaped kind of like a yellow and white tulip. It’s found in the produce section of grocery stores and tastes like a mild cabbage.

Article written by William W. Li, M.D.
President and Medical DirectorThe Angiogenesis Foundation