Avoid Travel Diet Traps: How to Stay Slim on Vacation

Don’t let your diet lapse while on vacation! This simple plan will help you stay slim before, during and after your vacation.

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Vacations usually mean all-you-can-eat buffets and eating out every day. While traveling, it’s easy to let yourself gain weight when surrounded by huge portions with little exercise. 36% of adults start a diet directly before they leave for vacation and one third report to starting a diet right after they get back home. But a vacation doesn’t mean your health progress needs to pause. Follow this simple plan to stay slim before, during and after your vacation.

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Before You Leave

Consciously prepare for your vacation so you can get the most out of your relaxation and health.

Research where you’ll be staying and its amenities. Check to see if your hotel has a gym or healthy breakfast options. Also research any temptations that may be present, such as vending machines, so you'll be prepared to fight them before you get there.

Schedule your workouts and visualize your goals. Studies show that focusing and imagining yourself achieving goals can translate to real life successes. By preplanning how you will meet your goals, you are more likely to achieve them.

Pack your own snacks for the plane ride. Airport food usually means fast food, which is packed with salt, fat and preservatives. Instead, start your trip on the right foot by bringing your own snacks, such as apple slices and nut butter or nuts.