Best and Worst of 2010: Your Guide

Do what’s right for your body – and your wallet. From dieting to dining out, Dr. Oz makes it easier for you to make the smartest decisions with his guide to the best and worst of 2010.

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Weight-Loss Exercise

Best: Lunges

Lunges work the largest muscles in the body, so it burns the most calories as you exercise. You use your own body’s weight to get stronger and you need no special equipment. To try the workout Dr. Oz does every day, click here.

Worst: Sit-ups

Most of us do sit-ups incorrectly and risk hurting our backs and necks. Try holding a plank position instead. This exercise engages all of your stomach muscles, arms and legs. 

The Best and Worst at the Drugstore

The drugstore has dozens of aisles and thousands of products. When you’re searching for relief, it’s easy to make the wrong choice. Don’t spend money on products that don’t work or could be damaging to your health. Dr. Oz helps you navigate the drugstore successfully.

Muscle Pain

Best: Heating Pad

Actual heat from the heating pad relaxes tense muscles and eases the aches and pains away.

Worst: Menthol Muscle Ache Cream

There’s little evidence to support that menthol creams work. It also contains an ingredient similar to aspirin that can be toxic; be careful not to overuse these creams.

Hot Flashes

Best: Sage

Research shows that sage extract, used every day for 3 months, alleviated symptoms of menopause, including hot flashes. For other hot-flash helpers, click here.

Worst: Evening Primrose Oil

There’s no evidence to show that evening primrose oil works. One study found that it had no greater benefit than placebo.