The Best Diet for Your Body Dilemmas

You’ve probably noticed that a diet that worked great for someone else may not work at all for you. Researchers now attribute this to your body’s specific biology. They now believe that the areas where you gain weight are predetermined by genetics. This means that the most effective weight-loss programs are customized. Find out which plan is the right choice for your body.

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Body Dilemma: Big All Over (Global Fat)

A slower metabolism will cause people with global fat to gain weight all over.


Obstacles: Individuals who are big all over have a combination of problems: non-responsive fat (buttocks) and high cortisol levels (belly).

Diet Solutions: The best way to fight global fat is to stick to the principals of a Mediterranean diet. Focus on incorporating fish, fruits and vegetables to insure that the calories you consume are full of nutrients.

Meal Plan: Cut your carbohydrates in half, and double your vegetables. Three times a week, replace meat with fish and replace sugary snacks with fresh fruit. Click here for a Mediterranean chicken recipe. Click here for a delicious fish dinner from chef Rocco DiSpirito.

Fitness Solution: For a full-body workout routine, review the following routine:

  • 20-Minute Morning Melt: The best time to do cardio is first thing in the morning, before you have eaten. This taps into stored body fat instead of food you have recently eaten. If you can’t walk outside or on a treadmill, you can melt pounds in place. Turn on some upbeat music and walk in place pumping your arms and bringing your knees as high as you comfortably can. Advanced: To advance the move and tone the body further, hold a soup can in each hand and “punch” one can alternately up and forward on each 4 count of steps. Example: Right can up, 1, 2, right can down, 3, 4, left can up, 1, 2, left can down, 3, 4, right can forward, 1, 2, right can back, 3, 4, left can forward, 1, 2, left can back, 3, 4. The entire sequence should be fluid, not choppy.