Best Solutions for Your Pain

From back and neck pain, to migraines and foot pain, Dr. Oz brings you the most cutting-edge techniques available today to address your most common ailments. Plus, cheap solutions to ease your pain for under $10.

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Get ready to be pain-free. Dr. Oz has consulted with pain experts around the country to bring you the latest, most innovative solutions for every pain that ails you from head to toe.

1. Best Solution for Back Pain: Gua Sha

Back pain is one of the top pains most Americans face. Gua sha is a traditional Chinese medicine technique that has been used to treat everything from fevers to digestive problems to back pain.

This treatment dates back 700 years and works by creating a vacuum that helps remove the body’s toxic debris, replacing it with fresh healthy blood. It involves scraping the surface of the skin to release myofascial tension and is a great way to relieve muscles that feel stuck or tight.

Traditionally gua sha is carried out with a Chinese ceramic soupspoon, but a more modern smooth-edged instrument can be used. During the treatment, you’ll experience a warming sensation. Red marks known as “sha” will appear and last for a couple of days or longer. Often you’ll only need one gua sha treatment to relieve back pain. To try gua sha, contact a medical acupuncturist or licensed acupuncturist.

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2. Best Solutions For Migraines: Botox

Since the mid-‘90s, many people have turned to Botox (botulinum toxin) injections to smooth away lines and wrinkles and look younger. This potent muscle relaxer also has been shown to aid migraine pain. In the case of chronic migraines, Botox works by weakening muscles that contract, specifically those in the forehead and neck, subsequently relieving tension.