Better Fast Food

Learn 10 ways to eat smart in the fast food lane.

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While many fast food restaurants are slowly introducing healthier options to their menus, you can improve your chances of making a healthy choice if you follow these 10 tips. 

Plan Your Meals in Advance
Oftentimes, people duck into a fast food restaurant because they just don't know what to eat. Take out the guesswork by planning each meal in advance and writing it down. Give yourself a very limited fast food quota and stick to it.

Don't Wait Until You Are Starving
If you eat when you are famished, you tend to grab at anything, typically the worst foods. If you stick to assigned meal times, you'll avoid getting super hungry. If you can't adhere to a schedule, keep healthy snacks on hand such as nuts, dried fruits or fiber wafers to curb your appetite until you can sit down to a meal.

Read the Menu Closely
If your favorite fast food joint doesn't post the nutritional information on the menu, they may have it behind the counter. If not, check out their website and look up the nutrition content online.

Don't Up the Ante on Portion Size
Even when the jumbo, double, super, giant and deluxe size seems like a better value, if you choose the larger size to save money, you might not stay healthy enough to spend it. Always order the regular.