A Better Metabolism for Your Body Type

No matter what you see in the mirror, there’s a solution to help boost your metabolism and your body shape. Get the fixes for apple, pear and “boxy” body types, plus the metabolism boosters that work for each and every body.

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Every woman is different, especially when it comes to where you carry your weight. Are you bottom heavy or pear-shaped? Or do you put on pounds on and above your waist, which is better known as apple-shaped. Or would you say you’re more “boxy?" No matter what you see in the mirror, there’s a solution to enhancing your metabolism based on your body type.

Your body type may have a direct effect on your metabolism. What’s the link?

According to nutrition specialist Dr. Jeffrey Morrison, the way you are shaped is controlled by your hormones. For most, when you’re young, you have the liberty to eat what you want and not gain weight. But no one’s a stranger to the fact that as you age, things change. With every decade you age, your hormones shift and your metabolism slows down.

When the body starts to collect extra fat in certain areas, Dr. Morrison asserts that this is a symptom that there is something wrong with one of your fat-burning hormones, wreaking havoc on your metabolism. Depending on which hormone is weak will determine where the fat will go – and what your body type becomes.

By connecting all the dots and identifying where your fat is stored and the shape of your body, you can determine how you can boost your metabolism.

Apple Body Type

What does an apple look like? Apples have a tendency to put on belly fat, may have round faces, have humps on their upper backs and may have thin legs. According to Dr. Morrison, traditional methods of weight loss like cutting calories and aggressive exercise routines do not work for this body type. Why? A low-calorie diet and too much exercise translate as starvation and stress to this body type, which can increase the production of cortisol, the stress hormone. Increased amounts of cortisol can slow metabolism and is known to contribute to belly fat and an increased waist size. Cortisol also floods the body with sugar. When your body does not use it for energy, it gets stored as fat. Belly fat is especially dangerous because it surrounds so many of your vital organs.