The Body Type Diet: Solutions for a Big Belly or Big Butt

Dr. Mark Liponis, author of The Hunter/Farmer Diet Solution, has spent 25 years researching diets based on different body types. He claims his revolutionary plan, tailored for those with either a big belly or a big butt, can double your weight loss and reshape your body.

Posted on | By Dr. Mark Liponis

Drink Pomegranate Juice

Wash down your meals with unsweetened pomegranate juice. This fat-burning beverage is packed with vital antioxidants to counteract the inflammation that leads to belly fat.


Bust Butt Fat: The Right Diet


High Carb Diet

To bust butt fat, you need to eat like a farmer, which means consuming mainly grains and crops. Farmer types need to eat 5 times a day (small meals and snacks) to guard against drops in blood sugar. If you fit this body type, Dr. Liponis advises loading up on healthy carbs such as a whole-wheat pancake for breakfast, flatbread pizza at lunchtime, or pasta for dinner. Include two snacks such as blue corn chips or whole-grain pretzels.

Avoid Dairy

If farmers eat fat, it goes straight to their butt, thighs and hips. Therefore, avoid whole-milk products such as full-fat cheese, milk, yogurt, butter or ice cream.


Drink Soy Milk

To help cut down on fat, drink soy milk which contains the perfect mix of carbs and protein to help maintain blood sugar levels. Soy milk has been shown to help balance hormones and reduce the risk of cancer, including certain types of breast cancer.

Eat a Late-night Snack

Dr. Liponis recommends a late-night snack to help prevent blood sugar from dropping throughout the night. Enjoy a slow-release calorie food such as 2 tablespoons of natural peanut butter on whole grain toast. It’ll also help you sleep better. Popcorn serves as another great snacking choice for this body type.

Article written by Dr. Mark Liponis
Author of The Hunter/Farmer Diet Solution