Book Excerpt: The 7 Day Energy Surge

Read an excerpt from Jim Karas’ The 7 Day Energy Surge to check out a day-by-day breakdown of his plan to reinvigorate your routine. Click here to assess your daily energy levels. Click here to purchase your copy.

Posted on | By Jim Karas

Day 1

  • Upon waking, surprise your mate with a 2-minute back rub or, if single, give yourself a 2-minute scalp massage.
  • Put on your favorite energizing music in the morning.
  • Get up and immediately weigh yourself. Record your weight.
  • Write out and complete the statement: “A good day is when…”
  • Get 10 minutes of sun.
  • Schedule your annual physical.
  • Bring up your screensaver.
  • Follow the Day 1 Meal Plan, on the next page
  • Stop watching TV or working on your computer 2 hours before bedtime.
  • Put on soothing music 45 minutes before going to bed.
  • Before falling asleep, tell yourself that you are going to sleep, restore and rejuvenate.

Article written by Jim Karas
Fitness Expert