Breaking Through With Tony Robbins

Tony Robbins, entrepreneur, author, Peak Performance strategist and host of NBC’s Breakthrough With Tony Robbins, discusses the importance of crisis management and how, even in the most dire circumstances, we all have the power to change our lives, to heal and to break through.

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Transformation. For all of us, it's an organic and impartial life force. Age and time transform us as do life-altering events – and when these events are classified as crises, that change can feel fatal, unfair, paralyzing. It can be easy to submit, to accept the raw deal we've been handed.

Or you can fight back. Take monumental action and transform your life. We cannot control that which will change us – but we can control how we are changed. There is no better herald for this philosophy than Tony Robbins.

As a young man, Tony desired to help individuals transform the quality of their lives; 30 years later, this desire has become a lifelong crusade. He has advised presidents, spiritual leaders, corporations, and professional athletes – and now his mission is hitting primetime television with a series of specials, Breakthrough With Tony Robbins.

As defined by Tony, a breakthrough is a moment in time that contains a mental, psychological and spiritual shift. What once seemed impossible is now possible; an event, a meeting, a person – some exposure that shapes and moves you.

Article written by Tony Robbins
Entrepreneur, author and life strategist Tony Robbins has transformed millions of lives by helping people live up to their full...