Breast Cancer Awareness: New Frontiers

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Take the time to learn more about the disease, what you can do to fight it, and the cutting-edge treatments that are saving lives.

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About 1 in 8 women is expected to receive a diagnosis of breast cancer in her lifetime. And 70% of women who have breast cancer have no identifiable risk factors. Read on to learn about the many different faces of breast cancer, what you can do to reduce your risk, and the best ways you can keep track of the changes within your breasts, and more. 

  • Who Is Breast Cancer?: Learn more about the celebrities and personalities who have fought very public battles with breast cancer – and what they have done to raise awareness and find a cure.
  • Breast Cancer Prevention: Reduce your risk of breast cancer. Learn about special foods and recipes to fight breast cancer.
  • If I Find a Lump, Do I Have to Say Goodbye to My Breasts?: Learn about the process every woman goes through when she discovers a lump that may be cancer.
  • Cutting-Edge Cures: A new procedure that may change the world of breast cancer treatment forever. 
  • Improved Mammography: New research suggests that a newer digital version of mammography may catch life-threatening breast cancers earlier and more accurately.