Calculate Your Longevity

The fountain of youth may be far more attainable than originally thought (sorry, Ponce De Leon). Research indicates that simple lifestyle factors can add years to your life.

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Living to 100 while still looking and feeling healthy is now a very real possibility. Dr. Thomas Perls, founder and director of the New England Centenarian Study, the largest study of centenarians and their families in the world, has developed a calculator to predict your longevity.

In his research, Dr. Perls noticed that today’s centenarians were not only living longer – they were living better, more active and fulfilling lives than ever before.


After a comprehensive scientific evaluation of this community, Dr. Perls was able to make sound assumptions about what factors influence longevity. Next, he integrated that research into a formula that anyone could use to predict their lifespan.

Determine your life expectancy and add active years to your life. Click here for the full version of the Living to 100 Life Expectancy Calculator.

Women should begin calculating with a base age of 89, while men should start with 86 as their base age. Adjust your base according to the following factors:


High levels of stress can take a dramatic toll on the body. Reducing stress and learning how to control it can make a huge difference. Keeping a positive attitude about getting older reduces the harmful effects of stress.

Calculate: If you are the type of person who can shake off stress while maintaining a positive attitude, you can add 5 years to your life!

Conversely, if you feel stressed or pessimistic about the future (i.e. you are concerned that you will not look or feel the same as you do now or are worried about the aches and pains that accompany old age), do not add anything to your base age.