Chefs’ Secret Flavor Boosters

Chefs from the nation’s top 5-star restaurants share their secrets for making extra-tasty meals. These ridiculously easy flavor boosters can make any healthy food taste delicious.

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The following flavor boosters are so easy to make that you can add a gourmet touch to your home-cooked meals!

Fresh Herbs

Chef Michael Gulotta's secret is to keep herb flavors vibrant by freezing them using ice cube trays. Every time you cook, take out a herb cube to start your meal. You can add this to pasta, chicken, bread or goat cheese. As an added bonus, these fresh herbs cut down on salt consumption.

Chef Mike’s Frozen Herb Purée

2 1/2 cups of olive oil
3 garlic cloves
15 leaves of basil

Place the garlic cloves and basil in a blender. Add the olive oil to the blender until the ingredients are covered, and purée on high till smooth. Pour in ice cube tray and freeze.