Clean Detox Program 30-Day Meal Plan

What am I going to eat?! This may have been your first thought when reading about the Clean Detox, but trust us, there are lots of options. We put together this sample meal plan as a way of sharing with you just some of the many delicious and Clean possibilities for your cleanse. It includes some of our own recipes as well several from our favorite food blogs. Here are some tips to get you started.

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Oz-Approved 10 Detox Foods, Pt 1 (5:52)

Important disclaimer: Please DO NOT conduct the Clean Detox if you:

  • are pregnant or nursing
  • are under the age of 18
  • have active cancer
  • have liver disease or hepatitis
  • have Type 1 Diabetes
  • are on medications for bipolar disorder, or
  • have an allergy to any food or ingredient listed.

If you have a medical condition, see your physician of choice before starting this program. This detox is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

Now, let's get started!

Support Yourself

We’re all about making sure you get enough nutrients each day. Soups tend to have less calories and protein. If you have a soup as one of your liquid meals, please add in extra food and snacks as needed throughout the rest of your day to ensure proper nutritional support. If you are following the vegetarian plan we recommend adding a protein powder to your shakes.

Eat What You Need 

Our serving sizes are suggestions to start with. Figuring out how much is best for you to eat each day takes time and experimentation. If you do more exercise, eat more. Eat slowly and mindfully until you are about 80% full: satisfied, but not stuffed.

Personalize It!

You can easily add a salad with lots of veggies, healthy fats and protein or a grain to any meal. We have also included tasty dressing options for salads.