Confronting Death

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It's a subject most people find frightening and hard to talk about—death. In a special report, Dr. Mehmet Oz talks to two people who have faced their mortality—and learned something about life in the process. "We do not do death well in America. Americans like to win, and we see death as losing," Dr. Oz says. "Death is an integral part of this amazing life that we have the ability to live."

In 2003, Kris was a model and aspiring actress. Then she received devastating news—she had a rare form of cancer that was in its most serious stage. Kris immediately set to figuring out what to do about the cancer…and picked up a camera to record the process.

After getting prescribed drastic treatments—including a recommendation for a triple organ transplant—Kris searched for other opinions and explored alternative options like health food and yoga. Her journey was made into the documentary Crazy Sexy Cancer, which aired on TLC, and the book Crazy Sexy Cancer Tips. "A lot of people look at me like I have 10 heads when I say it, but cancer's been my guru, it's my teacher," Kris says in the film. "It teaches me every day the hard things and the beautiful things."

Years later, Kris says the tumors on her liver and lungs are completely stable. "I'm happy and, I think, healthier than I was before I was diagnosed," she says.

Dr. Oz went to meet Kris in New York to see her wellness routine. "I like the fact that she didn't just trust modern medicine. I love the fact that she was empowered, and she was going to go out and find solutions," he says. "She wasn't going to take no for an answer."