Curvy Girl’s Guide to Being Fit and Fabulous

If you’re full on top, round on the bottom – or both – then this Curvy Girl’s Guide is for you! Dr. Oz shares how to celebrate your curves while preserving your health.

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Being healthy doesn’t mean being rail thin. In fact, your curvy figure-eight can be a perfect 10 when it comes to your health. Here, Dr. Oz reveals how to show off your best assets while getting rid of harmful fat. The great news is there are only two simple rules to staying both fit and fabulous when you’re curvy.

The first rule is to “whittle your middle” by getting rid of belly fat. That unhealthy fat that collects around your waistline is often referred to as visceral fat, because it collects around the "viscera," or vital organs such as the liver, intestines, and kidneys. Left untreated, belly fat increases your risk of high blood pressure, diabetes, heart disease, and cancer. To make things worse, the fat itself can actually squeeze you like a vice, crushing your internal organs. By whittling your middle, not only will you dramatically improve your health, but you’ll be left with a beautiful, hourglass shape. Here’s how:

Whittle Your Middle: L-arginine Supplement

Studies show that people with excess belly fat actually have less growth hormone, without which they can’t properly distribute and break down fat. L-arginine is a super supplement that naturally boosts growth hormone levels, and is available at drugstores for $9 dollars a bottle. Take two 1000 mg tablets 3 times a day with meals and blast that visceral fat away.

Whittle Your Middle: No Simple Carbs at Dinner 

If you don’t exercise after eating simple carbohydrates, they’ll go straight to your belly. That’s why it’s important you eat carb-heavy foods (think pasta, bread, potatoes, etc.) early in the day, so you can burn them off. At dinner, get your carbs from vegetables. Here are three delicious recipes that will leave you totally satisfied, without packing on the extra pounds.

5-Minute Rice-Free Risotto

This rice-free risotto made with cauliflower, Portobello mushrooms and Greek yogurt has a wonderfully creamy texture. Click here for the complete recipe.