Deepak Chopra’s Super Brain Secrets

Deepak Chopra, MD, the renowned mind-body healing pioneer, shares his secrets for accessing your “super brain.” Learn how taking just a few simple steps each day can keep your mind young and memory sharp for life.

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What if you could actually change the wiring of your brain to keep your mind young? In his book Super Brain, Deepak Chopra, MD, one of the definitive experts on the power of the mind, reveals his plan to help you unleash your mind’s anti-aging powers.

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How to Get a Super Brain

According to Deepak Chopra and his coauthor Rudolph Tanzi, PhD, a neurogeneticist at Harvard University who specializes in Alzheimer’s research, most people simply allow their everyday brain, or “baseline brain,” to work unconsciously. In other words, we let our brain do its daily work without maximizing its full power. However, by consciously taking control, you can transform your everyday brain into a super brain.

Definition of a Super Brain User: A fully aware creator using the brain to maximum advantage. Your brain is endlessly adaptable and you could be performing your fourfold role – leader, inventor, teacher and user – with far more fulfilling results than you now achieve.

In his book, Dr. Chopra identifies the three brain myths preventing most adults from accessing their super brain.

Three Brain Myths Exposed

Myth #1: You lose millions of brain cells daily that can never be replaced.

Truth #1: You can increase brain cells as you age.

Most people think that as they get older, they lose more and more brain cells forever. But in fact, key areas of the brain involved with memory and learning continue to produce new nerve cells every day. So while it is true that you’re losing brain cells each day (tens of thousands, by the way, not millions), you are also constantly replacing them. This process involves neurogenesis, meaning creating more neurons, and synaptogenesis, which means creating more connections.

Article written by Deepak Chopra
Holistic health guru and author