Dr. Fuhrman’s 3-Day Sugar Detox

Kick your cravings for good with this fast plan to squash sugar addiction.

Posted on | By Dr. Joel Fuhrman
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Dr. Fuhrman Shares the Benefits of Quitting Sugar Cold Turkey (3:17)

Sugar addiction can be ubiquitous and dangerous. A high-glycemic diet, heavy in processed carbohydrates, does not only create weight gain and increase risk of diabetes and heart disease; it also is a powerful contributor to cancer, especially breast cancer.  High sugar intake is also linked to depression and later-life dementia.

This can be as dangerous as addiction to alcohol or drugs and what makes this a big problem is so many people are eating unhealthfully and oblivious to the risks.The overuse of sweets also weakens the taste buds, so the subtle flavor of naturally sweet fruits lose their flavor.

Why You Need to Quit Sugar Cold Turkey

It is usually more effective if all sugar and processed sweets are cut out completely. It’s not going to be easy, but within a few days, it will reset your body so you are not craving sweets. Right now the majority of people experience "toxic hunger." Toxic hunger is actually withdrawal symptoms people misinterpret as being hungry. Just like a drug addict experiences withdrawal symptoms when they quit a drug, people experience withdrawal symptoms when they stop eating a food they are addicted to, like sugar. These symptoms come on quickly, as soon as digestion is finished, you can feel queasy, tired and headachy, so you assume you are hungry again, eat more, your digestion restarts and the bad feelings go away. Then the cycle repeats itself, keeping you sick and overweight. If you can let these mild uncomfortable sensations come and go over a few days, you will find it's much easier to control your food cravings and desire to overeat and eat sweets.  Plus, during this process we will be flooding the body with micronutrients and phytochemicals to help the brain cope and break this cycle.

Article written by Dr. Joel Fuhrman