Dr. Jen Ashton’s RX: Foods That Fight Stress and Secrets for Stressed-Out Skin

Dr. Jen Ashton, one of the country’s top gynecologists and author of Your Body Beautiful, shares her secrets for avoiding stress-related weight gain, as well as natural ways to deal with stressed-out skin.

Posted on | By Jen Ashton, MD

Today, who doesn’t have tons of stress in their life? Too much stress can raise blood pressure, cause stomach problems, disrupt sleep patterns and more. As if that’s not bad enough, stress can induce weight gain. There are a couple reasons behind this phenomenon.

First, when you’re frazzled, it’s easy to turn to food as a source of comfort and make poor eating choices. Second, stress stimulates the release of the flight-or-fight hormone, cortisol, which can make your waistline expand.

To help you avoid packing on the pounds when you’re stressed out, author and gynecologist Dr. Jen Ashton shares her foolproof secret weapons to help you cut out poor eating habits, fight stress, and lose weight. The plan requires you to be somewhat strict Monday through Friday, but the weekends offer a little wiggle room from the dietary restrictions.


Foods That Fight Stress


1: Eliminate Bad Carbs

Start by eliminating all bad carbs from your diet. That includes anything that contains simple sugars such as foods made with white flour, processed snacks, white potatoes, etc. Monday through Friday try to eliminate anything in grain form, even the good whole-grain carbs, and stick to lean proteins, fruits and vegetables instead.

Dr. Ashton’s Secret Weapon: Wheat berries

On the weekends, make wheat berries – whole-wheat kernels – your go-to carbs. These healthy whole grains, available in hard and soft forms – are versatile, high-in-protein, complex carbohydrates that will keep you full and help you maintain a high energy level throughout the day. Add them to salads, cereal or mix with dry fruit for a healthy snack.

Article written by Jen Ashton, MD
Top gynecologist and author of Your Body Beautiful