Dr. Oz’s Anti-Aging Plan for Your Skin Type

Want beautiful, radiant skin that gives you an ageless appearance? Follow the simple routine designed for each individual skin type. As an added bonus, Dr. Oz reveals an anti-aging supplement to help every woman look and feel younger.

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Many women don't know how to properly care for their skin, nor do they realize that race and ethnicity also dictate what types of cleansers, lotions and serums are suitable to use. In fact, using the wrong products can add years to your face! Skin is your largest, most delicate organ, and each person’s face requires special individualized care. 

For skin that appears ageless, follow one of the three simple skin care routines based on your skin type.

1. Dark Skin Type

Dark skin, typical of African-Americans, contains a high amount of melanin, the pigmentation that creates its dark color. Melanin is the skin’s first line of defense against harmful sun rays, the primary cause of excess wrinkles. Dark skin has compacted collagen fibers, which also means fewer wrinkles. However, the density of this skin type causes sagging as you age.

While it contains high levels of pigmentation in the upper layers, dark skin is still vulnerable to sun damage. If you have this skin type, you still need to wear sunscreen. Look for an ultra-sheer formula to avoid a chalky, white appearance.

As it ages, dark skin can appear dusty, blotchy, and/or lack brightness. It can also appear crepe-y, hence you need to avoid products that can dry or irritate your skin.

The Right Care Routine for Dark Skin


Cleansing: Use a gentle soothing cleanser in the morning and a gentle exfoliating wash at night to help remove dead skin cells.


Morning: Use a glycolic toner, which gently stimulates collagen and breaks up dark patches or spots. This kind of product also controls oil production and breakouts.

Night: Use an over-the-counter retinol treatment, rather than a prescription-strength one, to aid collagen production, prevent hyperpigmentation (age spots), and control excess oil. Then, apply a rich night cream that contains antioxidants, peptides, and/or ceramides to hydrate and help reduce sagging.