Dr. Oz’s Anti-Aging Plan for Your Skin Type

Want beautiful, radiant skin that gives you an ageless appearance? Follow the simple routine designed for each individual skin type. As an added bonus, Dr. Oz reveals an anti-aging supplement to help every woman look and feel younger.

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3. Fair Skin Type

This skin type, typical of Caucasians, contains very low levels of melanin, which allows sun rays to deeply penetrate and cause photo-aging, damage that is done to the skin from prolonged exposure to UV radiation. Fair skin has less collagen bundles than dark skin, which means you also get fine wrinkles, but often less sagging. Unfortunately, both wrinkles and sun damage tend to appear much earlier in fair skin types.

Too many people with fair skin fall victim to trying to find the strongest anti-aging products, forgetting about the extreme sensitivity of their skin. Some of these powerful potions do more harm than good and really exacerbate skin conditions, such as rosacea.

The Right Care Routine for Fair Skin


Cleansing: If you have fair skin, you want to stick to the basics. Use a very gentle cleanser in the morning to keep skin soft and prevent stripping it of moisture. At night, use gentle makeup removing wipes.

AM: Apply a lightweight moisturizer with at least SPF 30 before putting your makeup on to protect your skin throughout the day.

PM: Your evening routine is a good time to refresh the skin and replace antioxidants that may have depleted throughout the day. Try an over-the-counter light retinol product to help firm and get rid of fine lines. For those with sensitive skin, start by using it twice per week. Follow up with a rich, heavy moisturizing cream.