Dr. Oz’s Cold and Flu Rescue Pack

Tis the season … for getting sick. As soon as it gets cold outside, your body starts playing defense against illness-causing germs. Get a competitive advantage with Dr. Oz’s rescue pack – a guide with everything you need to fight both a cold and the flu. Plus, see immunity-boosting tips to stay healthy all winter long!

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The Cough Quieters: Suppressants With Dextromethorphan or Expectorants with Guaifenesin

The first step to treating a cough is to identify if it is dry or wet. A dry cough occurs when your vocal cords slam together explosively, causing irritation and more coughing. This reflex can actually damage the throat, so you want to use a cough suppressant to stop the symptom entirely. Look for a bottle that says “DM” which stands for dextromethorphan and lasts for 12 hours.

If your cough is accompanied by mucus, it’s classified as a wet cough. Look for a syrup or pill with an expectorant, which thins the mucus, clears your airways, and quiets the cough. Choose a product containing the ingredient guaifenesin. Take the recommended dosage with a glass of water to help get rid of congestion and lubricate the throat.


Immunity Boosters

Fighting colds and the flu starts with preventing them in the first place. Try these immunity-boosting tips to get your body’s defenses in tip-top shape for cold and flu season.

Tip #1: Buckwheat Honey

This winter, add buckwheat honey to your medicine cabinet. High in antioxidants and iron, this dark, rich honey is full of immunity-boosting properties. Try taking 1-2 teaspoons a day to get you through cold and flu season. You can enjoy buckwheat honey right off the spoon, or add it to a hot drink for a delicious winter treat.