Dr. Oz’s Complete Body Restart Guide

Dr. Oz reveals the top organs that can help your body restart itself from the inside out. Learn how to fine-tune each of them for lifelong health and vitality.

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How would you like to start to undo any damage you’ve done to your body in the past – or simply slow down the aging process? Dr. Oz’s Complete Body Restart Guide focuses on four organs that play critical roles in how long you live, how good you feel and how easily you can shed weight. Learn how to:

  • Boost your thyroid – the number-one organ that could be making you feel exhausted, over-the-hill and overweight.
  • Detox your liver and overcome past damage.
  • Keep your heart strong and pumping longer.
  • Clean out your intestines and stop pain in your gut.

1. Restart Your Thyroid

Approximately 1 in 8 women will develop a thyroid disorder in their lifetime. Located in the neck just below the Adam’s apple and above the collarbone, the thyroid gland regulates the body’s use of energy and governs metabolism.

As you age, your thyroid becomes less efficient. It may also grow in size, a symptom of hypothyroidism, also referred to as an underactive thyroid. Hypothyroidism makes it difficult for your thyroid to convert fat cells into energy, which can cause weight gain.

Key symptoms of an underactive thyroid include:

  • Daily fatigue
  • Weight gain of 10-15 pounds in the past 2 years
  • Coarse or brittle hair
  • Dry skin