Dr. Oz's Drive-Thru Diet

Dr. Oz shares how to make the right choices when it comes to fast food. Try his suggested menu items and three “road rules” to follow no matter where you dine.

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We all know the best way to a healthy meal is to prepare it ourselves. Whenever possible, you should eat fresh, home-cooked meals, sticking mostly to fruits, vegetables and grains while limiting your meat intake. Of course, the realities of life mean sometimes you need to eat on the run. Most fast-food menus feature high-fat, high-calorie processed foods that not only pack on the calories but also damage our bodies, eventually leading to diabetes and heart disease.

But just because your meal comes from the drive-thru doesn’t mean you have to punish your body. Here, Dr. Oz shares 3 fast-food meal suggestions. They should be less than 500 calories, contains no trans-fats, and have less than 1,000 milligrams of sodium.

Fast-Food Breakfast

Avoid the fat-laden breakfast sandwich we all know (and may secretly love) and make a healthy choice. Pick up a breakfast sandwich with egg whites and American cheese on whole-wheat or whole-grain bread instead.

Fast-Food Lunch

No need for a double or triple-stacked burger. Opt for a fast-food salad with grilled chicken and apple slices. Don’t overdo it on the dressing, and you could even tack on an additional (healthy) side!

Fast-Food Dinner

It’s tempting to chomp on chicken nuggets after a long day, but your body will thank you for choosing a quarter white, skinless rotisserie chicken, steamed veggies, and sweet corn. You’ll avoid the artery clogging, deep-fried chicken and instead enjoy low-fat roasted chicken that won’t leave your tongue coated in grease.