Dr. Oz’s Anti-Aging Guide

Dr. Oz shares 5 tips to feel younger as you grow older. Click here to purchase your copy of YOU: Staying Young: The Owner’s Manual for Extending Your Warranty.

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Most of us worry about getting older. Will our health deteriorate? Will we become dependent - or even burdensome - to others? Ensuring wellness and vitality during your golden years starts with establishing a healthy lifestyle that will prevent future illnesses.

First, a quick anatomy lesson: Whether "youth" is defined as physical strength, appearance or the sharpness of one's mental facilities, it all begins on a cellular level. Telomeres are located on the cell's DNA and play a crucial role in the creation of new cells.

As we age and grow, new cells are created - and each and every one needs some of your DNA's telomeres. When there's none left, that's when our DNA starts to fray causing many of the problems we associate with old age like frailty, impaired memory and weakness.

But what if you could add years to your life, tap into a fountain of youth and beat the agony that comes with age? To do just that, Dr. Oz is sharing 5 tips that will increase your overall health and maintain our telomeres so that cells can continue to reproduce.

1. and 2. Exercise

You knew it was coming - and in fact, it's so important that it gets 2 of the 5 spaces on this list: one for weight training and one for aerobic exercise. While exercise might be something you dread, physical activity is more than a common-sense weight loss method. On the cellular level, exercise can elongate your telomeres.

A well-rounded fitness routine should include weight training and aerobic exercise 3 times a week. A simple way that you can test how old your muscles think you are is by doing push-ups. Click here for tips on proper push-up form and here for the YOU: Staying Young guide to optimal push-up performance.