Dr. Oz’s Insider Guide: Cost-Saving Secrets From Doctors’ Offices

Dr. Oz reveals his insider guide to getting the best care at the lowest cost from all your health providers. Whatever your financial or health insurance situation, these secrets will help you stay on top of your most critical health-care needs.

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Nearly 45 million Americans are living without health insurance and another 25 million more are underinsured. What’s more, half of Americans who have health insurance skip seeing their health care providers and forgo taking their prescription medication due to prohibitive costs.

To combat this serious problem, Dr. Oz has gathered information to help you dramatically cut medical costs, whether you’re employed or unemployed, insured or uninsured.

Here are the top money-saving secrets from the 4 health-care professionals you visit the most.

Gynecologist’s Office

Save Money on Pap Smears

A Pap smear tests for cancer of the cervix and is the most critical method for early detection. Women need to have Pap smears annually starting within 3 years of becoming sexually active or at age 21. If you can’t afford to see a gynecologist, you can get a Pap for free. The National Cervical Cancer Coalition (NCCC) orchestrates Free Pap Smear Day, held every year on the second Friday in January, Cervical Cancer Awareness Month. Visit www.nccc-online.org to find out more, or call your doctor or local hospital to see if they participate in the event.

Discounts on Lab Tests

Lab tests often comprise a huge chunk of out-of-pocket expenses. But did you know there are discount cards for lab tests? These cover blood work, Pap smears, cultures, etc., and can cut your bill by 30%. Don’t be shy and ask your doctor about them.