Dr. Oz Success Stories

The Dr. Oz Show has helped viewers just like you lose weight, discover the benefits of a healthier diet, and stop diseases before they strike. Here are just a few of the inspiring messages we’ve received. Are you a Dr. Oz Success Story? Click here to share your story!

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Every day, DoctorOz.com gets hundreds of emails from viewers whose lives have changed for the better since watching the show. In many cases, the show has not only improved their lives, but saved them. We hope that the following Dr. Oz Success Stories inspire you to take charge of your health today.

Holly from Scottsdale, AZ writes:

“Dr. Oz saved my mom's life. My mother saw a show about abdominal ultrasounds for aneurysms, and, since her sister died of one, she decided to get one done. They discovered masses in her abdomen and started her on chemo almost immediately (they had to operate and do a biopsy first). She has finished her first round of chemo, had a PET scan, and they see no active tumors. God bless Dr. Oz!”

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