Dr. Oz’s $1 Diet: Shopping List & Tips

If the cost of healthy, fresh food is prohibiting you from making the changes you and your family need to eat healthy, Dr. Oz has the solution. It’s time to trim the fat with Dr. Oz’s $1 Diet; the only thing you can’t afford is not starting today.

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Eating healthy and losing weight doesn’t mean spending extra time in specialty grocery stores or extra money on organic, local items. Dr. Oz and registered dietitian and expert blogger, Kristin Kirkpatrick, have 9 food options that will help you lose weight – and each one costs less than $1 per serving. Plus, Stephanie Nelson, founder of Couponmom.com, shares in-store tips to further stretch your dollars.

Remember, Dr. Oz’s basic diet principals hold true even when you are attempting to lose weight on a tight budget: avoid simple sugars and syrups, choose only 100% whole grains, eat only lean proteins and consume plenty of vegetables every day.

Meat, Chicken and Poultry

This is an expensive area and it can be challenging to remain on your budget.

$1 Diet Find: Turkey Breast
Lean turkey breasts fulfill more than ½ of most individual’s daily protein needs. An added bonus: Niacin may help increase your HDL cholesterol, which also reducing your lousy, LDL cholesterol.

In-Store Strategies
You can save up to 35% by buying frozen ground turkey as opposed to fresh. Buy boneless poultry with all the fat still on it and trim it yourself at home. This technique can cut the cost in half. Additionally, try purchasing marked down meat right before the “sell by” date and then freeze.

$1 Diet Find: Canned Salmon

Canned salmon provides healthy fats, is high in omega-3s and can be found for as little as $.67 a serving.

In-Store Strategies

Clip coupons and use in addition to an in-store sale.