Dr. Oz’s $1000 Savings Plan

Taking care of your health shouldn’t cost a fortune. Dr. Oz’s $1000 Savings Plan will help you stock up on health-related essentials as well as keep money from flying out of your pocket. Plus, his $1 Fast Fixes will ease your most annoying health problems.

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4. Healthy Eyes


$150 Money Saver: Buy Contacts in Bulk

Disposable contact lenses can run up to $300 a year when you buy them at your doctor’s office, a major expense, especially since oftentimes they get lost or tear easily. But discount club stores sell eyewear and prescription contact lenses in bulk, allowing you to save up to $150 a year. Just be sure you know your 3 O’s before purchasing eyewear:

  • Optician: Fits for glasses
  • Optometrist: For basis eye exams and prescriptions
  • Ophthalmologist: For complicated medical conditions like glaucoma

5. Supplements


$100 Money Saver: Buy at Big Box Stores

Supplements are one of the best things you can do to improve your mind, mood and energy, but can be pricey, especially at specialty health stores. Online purchases may look like a good deal but not necessarily once you factor in shipping and handling costs. Buying supplements at big box stores can save you at least half of what you might pay at specialty health stores. When purchasing look for the cheapest product you can find from a big name manufacturer you trust. And remember, you don’t have to go wild by purchasing tons of supplements. Be sure to buy a multivitamin and a omega-3 supplement to boost your mood; always check for 100% daily allowance on the label. Click here for Dr. Oz's Ultimate Supplement Checklist.