Dr. Oz’s 7-Day Anti-Aging Checklist

The secrets to looking more youthful and feeling more energized may be closer and more affordable than you think. One week will get you started down the path to a more healthful future. Don’t limit yourself to just Sundays, Mondays or Fridays – these daily tips are healthy habits that you can keep for life.

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You can start living a better life today. Consider this a quick guide to help you jumpstart your anti-aging routine. If you don't begin on Sunday, pick up where you can – just be sure to cover all your bases. Remember: Each tip is perfect for every day of the week.

Sunday: Shop for Beauty

Get ready for the week ahead by stocking your fridge with foods that have proven health and beauty benefits. These foods are easy to incorporate into your diet, and by shopping on Sunday, you'll be able to ease into a new beauty routine despite the hustle and bustle of the busy week ahead. 

  • Low-fat cottage cheese is rich in protein, which is excellent for hair health, as hair is mostly made of protein.
  • The selenium in cod has skin-saving properties; it can help protect against sunburn and skin cancer.
  • Lean beef is rich in iron, which helps strengthen nails. Iron deficiencies can cause the nail bed to become thin and concave. Limit your intake of red meat to just once a week.
  • The vitamin C in mangoes can help prevent periodontal disease. One mango can give you 96% of your daily vitamin C needs.

Click here to download Dr. Oz's Longevity Grocery List.

Monday: Supplements to Fight Aging         

Start off the week by starting a new health regimen: getting the right supplements. Split your supplement intake into two doses, once in the morning and once at night; this will aid your body in getting the maximum absorption. These 4 supplements are proven anti-agers:

Vitamin D3, Dosage: 1000 IU
Vitamin D3 turns on the gene that helps you get rid of abnormal DNA – and can help prevent heart disease and cancer. Vitamin D also helps to boost immune function and lower inflammation. For more information on why Vitamin D is one of Dr. Oz's top supplements to take, click here.


Calcium, Dosage: 600 mg

Calcium is intrinsic to bone strength for everyone, but this nutrient is especially important for women and the prevention of osteoporosis. Vitamin D promotes the absorption of calcium, thus also playing a major role in bone health.