Dr. Oz’s 99-Second Healthy Eating Plan

Dr. Oz outlines a few simple, easy-to-remember steps that help manage your larger, long-term health goals.

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Setting lifelong goals, like getting healthier and losing weight, can sometimes feel a bit daunting. However, take a deep breath and remember – the actions you need to take on a daily basis can most likely be boiled down into a few simple, easy-to-remember steps. Dr. Oz’s 99-Second Healthy Eating Plan reminds you of the fundamentals so that you don’t get derailed from your commitment to living right. 


Trash the nasty aging food: This is the food that will age you – whether it’s stashed in your fridge, pantry, car, desk drawer or purse. Toss any foods containing any of the following as the first 4 ingredients on the label:

  • Saturated fats: Any fat that comes from 4-legged animals
  • Hydrogenated fat (trans fat): Processed fats created from vegetable oils
  • Simple sugars: Those ending in -ose, like sucrose, glucose, maltose, and fructose, or sugar alcohols that end in -ol, and syrups
  • Any non-whole grain, such as bleached or enriched flour
  • Anything with 4 or more grams of sugars per serving

Shop for healthy foods: Do your best to avoid the ingredients above! In general, the more closely your food resembles a fruit or veggie, the better.


Make your eating plan automatic: Train yourself to make good-for-you menu choices. In just 2 weeks you’ll reprogram your body so you will be in charge of what you’re eating.

Keep in mind: Eat 3 main meals plus snacks so you’re never hungry. Eat the same things for breakfast and lunch almost every day. Yes, every day. People who minimize food choices lose more weight.